Hotel Azzurra
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Hotel Azzurra

Your B&B in Rimini

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Experience Hotel Azzurra 

Staying with us is not just a vacation, but an experience. We love music and periodically organize concerts and cultural events for all guests.

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More downtown than this is


Hotel B&B Azzurra is located on the famous Viale Tripoli, which connects the seafront and all the attractions of Marina Centro to the most ancient and historic part of Rimini. Every day you will discover something new, between the beach, the pubs, the restaurants and the monuments.
Choose Hotel Azzurra to experience your Rimini vacation as a star and always feel like you're taking center stage.

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Essential comfort

Our rooms

We are a family-run B&B with 14 rooms. You can choose from single, double, triple and quadruple rooms. Our interior decoration is classic but we like to add little touches of vintage personality here and there. All rooms are equipped with en-suite bathroom, air conditioning, wi-fi, TV, hairdryer, safe and refrigerator..

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Let us

Pamper you

You will stay with us in our family. We are a small property and this allows us to dedicate constant and customized attention utting all our efforts to give you a vacation tailored to your desires...starting with the dream breakfast you will find every morning.

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The events

For our guests

You'll notice it as soon as you walk through the front doors of Hotel Azzurra: we like music here. We have a piano, a jukebox and many vintage musical instruments. We often organize musical evenings and cultural events for all guests.

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with us

Contact us

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